Friday, March 14, 2014

DIY Jelly Jar Soap Dispenser and face wash revisited

Happy PI Day!!!!! I am going to keep it short and simple today (or not). Maybe you remember (or maybe you don't) about the face cleansing cloths I posted about around a year and half ago. Check that post out because it is a finer example of my witty repartee writing skills and it talks about some of the awesome benefits of coconut oil. The cleansing cloths were awesome, but I have changed my process around and I thought I should share it with you. I actually changed my method last summer, but since that time all of my kids (heaven help me they're teens and tweens) have started using our face cleanser and their friends are so jealous of their dewy, sunkissed, acne free skin. Maybe it's just the acne free part. If you don't recall my previous method here is a quick picture tutorial of it:

As you can see in the final picture it is also FANTABULOUS at removing your makeup. It's really a cleanser/acne wash/moisturizer all in one! You can also use these as baby wipes!!!! The problem with the previous method for me was that when I got near the end of the roll of paper towels the coconut oil would sometimes go back to solid, probably because I didn't use them fast enough. The other problem was keeping the big ugly coffee canister on my bathroom counter all the time. It just took up too much room. I still advocate this method for baby wipes though. For my new method the cleanser recipe really just remains the same, it's the delivery method that has changed. My new cleanser looks like this:

The recipe for the cleanser is as follows:

1 cup warm water
1 tbsp unrefined, organic coconut oil
2 squirts of your favorite face wash, body wash or baby wash.

Mix all of the ingredients in your jelly jar and shake until oil is melted. Don't worry coconut oil melts at a very low temp so it should melt with hot water straight from the tap. To use: shake your jar, squirt a little cleanser on a cotton round and use it to clean your face and remove makeup. I usually use one or two cotton rounds for my eyes (depending on how heavy my makeup is that day) and then get a clean one for the rest of my face.

I made the cute little pump bottle using a jelly jar and a pump from an old soap bottle. It's a fairly simple project. 

You will need:

jelly jar
pump from an old soap or lotion bottle
Some type of razor blade
phillips head screwdriver
needle nose pliers
hot glue gun

First you need to make a hole for the pump. It is easier if you leave the lid screwed on the jar. Pierce the lid near the middle with the razor blade, use the screwdriver to widen the hole, then use the pliers to widen it more. It won't be perfectly round but you want it wide enough for the pump to slip in all the way to the screw top and fit snugly. 

Cut the pump down to size. 

Next, use the needle nose pliers to crimp down the rough edges on the bottom of the lid. We don't want to cut ourselves and have to get a tetanus shot. Then, to further protect yourself (because my girls and I are rather accident prone) and to keep the pump in it's place cover the exposed metal with hot glue. 

Now you have your very own jelly jar soap dispenser! Go clean your face before the eyelash mites attack! 

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