Tuesday, December 17, 2013

V is for victory rolls!

I'm baaaaaack! Well, at least for today anyway. I gave myself the goal of posting at least once more before 2013 finishes and today is the day. Hopefully, I'll be able to post a couple more times before the end of the year.

I have been obsessed with pinups and victory rolls for years. I always wanted to be able to wear my hair in victory rolls and for years have settled with just twisting it and pinning it on each side. However, all of that has changed!!!! I have been reading and watching lots of tutorials on the web and in the end I combined them and practiced a lot until I got the perfect Victory Rolls down pat....well at least in my opinion anyway.
Today (as if you haven't figured it out yet) I am going to share my new knowledge. A lot of the tutorials I found were step by step written tutorials and I learn better by watching and imitating so I am going to give you a bit of both worlds. I am also being brave and posting my video tut on youtube. Before I begin I should let you know that mine are perfect for me, but maybe not quite the same as everyone elses, there are as many ways to wear them as there are women who wear them. This covers the basics though and once you get that down you can adjust yours to be the way you like them. You can also search for images of them on the web to get ideas. As a matter of fact I welcome you to post photos of your victory rolls!

I prefer to wear mine a little lower on the sides of my head, but many of the women from the 40's wore them more on top. The shape of my face works better with it on the side, but here it's what they look like on top:

To get started you will need:

A flat iron (any kind will do)
A brush
bobby pins
aluminum foil
and a cute little bow to add into your hair (apparently I forgot mine today)

Once again, I am not going to type all of the steps, I'll just show you the video. Before I get to that I should tell you that while I get complimented almost everywhere I go when I wear this style, there are times when people think that the look I am going for is this:

No, I am not the Mayor of Whoville!!!! I am going for this look:

Pretty Pinup!

So, without further ado, here is the youtube video tutorial. Please let me know if I didn't explain it thoroughly or if you have any questions. I will do my best to answer. Now go pretty yourself up like a pinup girl!

BTW, in the video I promised a picture of how I used my elf on the shelf as a sort of tripod. 

HAHAHA Silly elf!

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