Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Platter

Hey Folks! Well, I have been letting time pass me by again. Things have been crazy around here since school started. First we had band camp and now that I have a child in High School I am a band parent (oh the joy!) Then, when things were starting to slow down and I was getting ready to start crafting and blogging again, my Sister had her baby and it was off to Oklahoma.....a very, very looooooong 15 hour drive. I'm back though and ready to blog.....well, at least for today anyway. 

I am continuing my crafty obsession today with another Pinterest idea. I found some pictures of these cute chalkboard platters, but no tutorials. So, after doing it wrong, and then talking to a helpful associate at Michael's, I finally completed the project to my satisfaction. 

I was really excited to do this one because I found this awesome silver platter at our local flea market for just 5 bucks! I don't know if it's really silver or not, but it feels really sturdy and heavy duty, which suits me just fine. I should start out by telling you that the first time I did this I just painted the chalkboard paint directly onto the platter with a paintbrush. It came out really streaky and it scratched off pretty easily. However, when I decided to redo it I had a really hard time removing the paint without scratching the platter. I tried paint thinner, soap and water and scratching with a plastic spatula but with no luck. Then, I found the secret formula, you might call it Chalkboard paint's kryptonite. That miracle formula is fingernail polish remover. It stripped the paint off in no time......(hmmm, maybe I should paint my nails with chalkboard paint????) So without further ado, how to make your own chalkboard platter, the right way.

You will need:

A silver (or mystery metal) platter (check grandma's attic, thrift stores or maybe even the dollar store)
Chalkboard paint
Mod Podge
Paint sponge (or a roller sponge)
Hot glue gun

You will want to start off by priming your tray with Mod Podge, this is supposed to keep it from chipping

Let the Mod Podge dry completely, which is basically until it's clear. Next, apply a layer or two of Chalkboard paint.

Let that dry and then apply one more layer of Mod Podge.

Lastly you will want to hot glue your ribbon onto the platter. I wanted my platter to be versatile, I liked having to option to hang it on the wall or set it up on a plate stand. I was worried that the ribbon and hot glue might just pull off of the back so I glued it down the entire length of the platter to ensure it would hold.
I also tied a bow and glued it onto the bottom front.

After your paint is dried you will need to prime it. Just take some chalk (which I found for 39 cents at Walmart) and rub it all over the chalk surface, then rinse and dry it and you are ready to go. I like to get creative with my chalk so I bought a box of colored chalk and every day gets it's own color. Now I don't have to answer the same question 50 million times every night when I'm cooking: "What are we having for dinner?"  


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