Monday, August 3, 2009

First Blog and a toothfairy story

Hello Cyberworld!!! I am Kasey a crazed mom of three and I have been told I have a lot of funny stories and valuable insights to share (okay maybe I am over exaggerating about the valuable insights). So I have decided to start blogging. Maybe I will brighten someone's day.

So today I will start with my toothfairy story. My son, Mr. Swag, is 10 years old now. He doesn't believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny anymore. In my pathetic attempts to keep him young, I have refused to admit that I am the toothfairy. He doesn't believe me, so I pulled out a trick that my parents used on me, I was a dumb kid and my kid is smarter than I was...really. I told him to decorate an envelope and seal it and the toothfairy would magically take the teeth out and put the money in without tearing or opening the envelope. I would then steam the envelope open and voila! He would believe....yeah right. I told you, the kid is smart....he glued the stupid thing shut!!! He also wrapped it in floral wire. After 30 minutes with boiling water, tongs, tweezers and a glue stick, I got the money in the envelope and the wire very carefully wrapped back around it. I came in and woke the lazy head this morning. He picked the envelope up and looked at it and said "Nice try Mommy, but the wire was wrapped around the left side of the envelope" DOH!!! I still didn't admit to anything, though. I just said she might have accidentally pushed it to the other side. I am not sure if he believes me.....I think probably not.

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